Email Tracking Software


It is absolutely vital that your email tracking software reports a 100% accurate email open rate. If this part is incorrect, it can throw the rest of your reporting and statistics off balance. The software should receive an instant notification telling it that the email was opened. You can then be sure that your email is being read, and not just deleted.

In comparison, previously (and certainly, some software still operates this way) you could only get a very rough estimate of the success rate of your emails, as "success" was generally regarded as simply the message being downloaded, rather than opened. When a person opens their email program, it automatically downloads the email headers from the server. However until the reader actually clicks the email to open it, it can not be considered read. This is an important distinguishing feature between low end email tracking software, and high quality accurate solutions.

Why should you care if your emails are opened?

It's easy to send off an email and forget about it, but there are times when you need to know whether, and indeed when, the recipient received and read it. Some of the situations where this is important can include:

Email Invoices

Web based businesses and B2B arrangements rely on email to send out invoices and receipts. It is of utmost importance that they are received, so being able to access email open statistics for these types of emails is of immense value.

Mailing Lists

If you run a subscriber based mailing list and regularly send out emails to hundreds, or possibly thousands, of people, it is essential that you know how many of those people are opening your emails. Based on open rate statistics, you can tweak your future emails to have maximum success.

Creating and sending an email takes time, so knowing if it was read is important. Investing time into a quality email is something that can easily be wasted if it is not being read. Email tracking software which guarantees 100% accuracy in its reporting is extremely important. Many solutions give the reader control via a "read notification" feature, but this can yield inaccurate and false statistics. Some solutions also count an email as read if the recipient downloaded images within the email - however this can also be inaccurate.

If you don't know what happens to your emails once you've clicked the send button, it is akin to running blind. Email tracking software is now more important than ever before, as the volume of emails that people are receiving is larger than ever. Having the comfort of knowing if and when your emails are being read will put you in a better position to track statistics, conversions and customer satisfaction, as well as assisting you in maintaining correspondence records that can be utilized in the case of disputes or problems.