Sealero is a wonderful tool for people and organizations that must monitor their messages openers closely.

For example:

  • Commercial companies that send invoices by mail. Once the invoice is opened, the recipient cannot deny receiving it.
  • Healthcare organizations that send their patients tests results via electronic platforms.
  • Businesses that electronically send money-worth vouchers and coupons, such as flight tickets.
  • Companies that follow their opening statistics closely and wish to be deeply involved with opening recipient lists, opening rates and opening hours with 100% preciseness.
  • Private people who send important messages through social networks and want to make sure they were read by their recipients.

Sealero is a technology suitable for any kind of electronic messaging platforms. This includes the well known email platform, but also advanced cell-phone messages, Smartphone applications (such as iPhone), social networks (such as Facebook) and many more. Any electronic platform that is used for sending messages and can display HTML encoded pictures can work with Sealero and assure complete preciseness in opening rates.

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