Sealero FAQs

What is Sealero?

Sealero is a technology that allows a message sender to be 100% sure whether their message has been opened or not. If Sealero does not receive an opening notification, the message can not be read by the recipient.

How does it work?

Sealero encrypts the message (can be any type of message, including text, links, surveys,e-invites or pictures) and turns it into an image, thus compelling the recipients, if they wish to read the message, to download the image. By downloading the image, the recipient is added to the opening statistics.

Why can’t I have precise opening rates without Sealero?

Without Sealero, the opening rates show only a minimal number of recipients who actually opened the message. A recipient is added to the opening statistics only if they download the images embedded in the message. If a recipient reads the text and decides not to download the images, as many do, they can not be counted in the statistics.

What type of messages can I send with Sealero?

All types of messages can be sent with Sealero, including but not limited to, e-mails and social media messages.

What should/shouldn't the message include to be sent with Sealero?

Any type of message can be sent with Sealero: simple text, pictures in any format, HTML designs etc. The content is of course unlimited, from meeting announcements to personalized coupons. Sealero “takes a picture” of the message and saves it all as an HTML picture. This also means that the message can be in any language on the planet.

What happens to the links in the message?

Sealero does not disable the links that are part of the message. Sealero encodes the message as an HTML image, and adds another layer to keep the links intact and working.

What does the recipient see before downloading the pictures?

The recipient sees a short explanation about the message’s content followed by simple instructions how to view the message. This text can be changed and personalized.

Which sending platforms does Sealero support?

Any platform that is used for sending messages and can display an HTML encoded picture is supported by Sealero. This includes emails, Smartphone applications, MMS, social networks messages and more. For example, you can use Sealero when sending messages from your iPhone, Facebook profile or Outlook email software.

Why would I need 100% open rate accuracy?

There are several reasons you may need to know your exact opening rates. You might be sending a very important message, or need to have proof of delivery. To learn more about the different uses of Sealero for different types of organizations, see our Examples webpage.