Know If Your E-mail is Read by Getting Sealero Readnotify


Have you ever written the perfect e-mail campaign? You read your message and it’s funny, clever, witty, and sells your product or service like nothing. You send it out envisioning hundreds upon thousands of responses only to find out that very few come in. This is certainly frustrating and unfortunately it’s a situation in which many people find themselves. It can also be very discouraging as you may not know where exactly you went wrong in your writing. However, one often overlooked possibility is that your message may very well be good but perhaps it’s just not getting read.

Why are e-mails rejected and why is it important?

E-mails are made or broken at the subject line. Too “spammy” subject lines like “FREE WaReHOUSE – make Millions” will ensure that your e-mail is almost never read. Conversely too serious subject lines will guarantee that no-one is ever enticed enough to read it. It must be friendly, catchy, and get users who are used to receiving a plethora of spam messages a day to decide to click on your e-mail instead of the next one.

Are there any tools that can let me know if my message has been read?

Fortunately, there are readnotify applications that can see if prospective buyers and clients are reading your message or if it’s just getting dumped into the trash. While some software applications promise this, seldom are they truly accurate. Most of the time they pop-up a little dialog box that asks the user if they wish to report that this message has been read. This gives the user control over whether or not they wish to report it as having been read. Generally speaking when they don’t like the message or the service provided, they may opt to click on the no button instead. As such these gauges are highly fallible and are often more of a gauge of interest than a gauge of who has or who hasn’t read the e-mail.

Sealero is not intrusive like that. It works 100% in the background by letting the server know when the message was read. As such, you can be assured that you will be getting a 100% report accuracy – if Sealero said it was read, then it was read. This is vital to ensuring that you know how your messages are being read. Remember, a great e-mail message that doesn’t get read is worthless. It can also save you a ton of hassles re-tweaking your messages if you find that all they need is a catchier subject line (for example). Do yourself a favor and test out Sealero to see how many people are reading your next campaign message!