Why Do I Care About an Email Open Confirmation?


Email open confirmation notifications are arguably the simple most important statistic in a campaign. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but the most often cited one is that the action to total messages sent ratio actually means nothing – the statistic that actually matters is the action to messages read ratio. That is to say, if you send out 1,000 messages and 100 people respond, that statistic is meaningless. However, if we say 100 people responded out of the 100 people who read the message, then we can say we produced an excellent campaign that achieved a 100% response ratio!

Naturally, this only tells half of the story. Understanding why an email open confirmation is triggered is also critical. Many sites that offer the ability for you to track if your e-mail was read or not will also provide some basic demographic information. For example, you may notice that people in California are far more likely to open and read your e-mail message than people from Wyoming. Or you may find that males are more likely to read it than are females. Knowing these kinds of broad demographic information helps you better understand your market and craft your messages in the future.

It can also help you better understand your content. For example, a low email open confirmation amount could indicate a poorly crafted subject line. If you do get the messages being opened but very little traffic to your site that could indicate bad text of the e-mail. Rather than taking a shot in the dark as to what may or may not be wrong with your message, getting the confirmations will let you exactly pinpoint what is and is not effective in your campaign. Along with these open confirmations it is also important to make sure that you track all links. This will help you determine which links in your message are more likely to be clicked than others and subsequently which promotions might be more popular than others. Tracking as much as possible in your messages helps you better understand the customer and tailor messages to achieve optimal response rates!