Email Tracking Software

It is absolutely vital that your email tracking software reports a 100% accurate email open rate. If this part is incorrect, it can throw the rest of your reporting and statistics off balance. The software should receive an instant notification telling it that the email was opened. You can then be sure that your email is being read, and not just deleted.

Know If Your E-mail is Read by Getting Sealero Readnotify

Have you ever written the perfect e-mail campaign? You read your message and it’s funny, clever, witty, and sells your product or service like nothing. You send it out envisioning hundreds upon thousands of responses only to find out that very few come in. This is certainly frustrating and unfortunately it’s a situation in which many people find themselves. It can also be very discouraging as you may not know where exactly you went wrong in your writing. However, one often overlooked possibility is that your message may very well be good but perhaps it’s just not getting read.

Why Do I Care About an Email Open Confirmation?

Email open confirmation notifications are arguably the simple most important statistic in a campaign. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but the most often cited one is that the action to total messages sent ratio actually means nothing – the statistic that actually matters is the action to messages read ratio. That is to say, if you send out 1,000 messages and 100 people respond, that statistic is meaningless. However, if we say 100 people responded out of the 100 people who read the message, then we can say we produced an excellent campaign that achieved a 100% response ratio!

How to get More Accurate Email Open Rates

Of course, anyone who sends email blasts wants to know the email open rates – or how many of the emails were actually opened. While a conversion rate will tell you how many people responded to your email versus how many were sent out, it is still important to know how many emails were opened even if someone didn’t respond.