Sealero’s add-in for Outlook


100% certainty about whether the email you sent via Outlook was read


Sealero is a technology which allows you to know with 100% certainty whether the message you sent was read by the recipient or not. Sealero’s add-in for Outlook connects your Outlook to Sealero and allows you to send emails about which you will be able to know with complete certainty if they were read or not.

How is Sealero’s add-in for Outlook used?


Simply install the Sealero add-in for Outlook and enter the details of your Sealero account (if you don’t yet have a Sealero account, you can open one easily and for free during the installation process). After installation, you will be able to see the “Seal and Send” option when you compose a new message. Use it if you want to send an email and know with 100% certainty if it was read or not.

How do I know if my email was read or not?


You will be able to know if your email was read in two ways:
A. When the email is read, a pop-up window will appear on your computer screen (including the name of the message, name of the recipient and time the message was read).
B. During installation, a “Sealero” folder will be added to your Outlook folders (underneath the Inbox folder), which will include the emails you have sent using Sealero. Next to each email, there will be an indication whether it was read or not.

How does Sealero work?


Sealero turns your email into an image, without interfering with the clickability of links or other components in the email. In order to read the email you sent, the recipient will need to ask his email provider to download images, and Sealero will track this action. There is no way to read the email you have sent without downloading images, and therefore Sealero gives you 100% certainty about whether your email was read or not.

How is Sealero different than the built-in “Read Receipt” in Outlook?


Outlook has an option of adding a “read receipt” to the email, but it is not 100% certain. The recipient can choose whether or not to verify reading the email, and the sender must make do with this indication. In contrast, Sealero provides 100% certainty regarding whether the email sent was read or not. From the moment the recipient downloads the images and is exposed to the content of the message, you will receive an indication that the email was read, without the recipient having to report doing so.

Download Sealero's Add-in to Outlook