What Is It?

Sealero is a technology that allows a message sender to be 100% sure whether their message was opened or not. If Sealero does not receive an opening notification, the message could not be read at all.

Before Sealero, opening rates could only stand for the minimum percentage of the people who opened the message. The percentage was determined by counting the number of recipients who downloaded the embedded pictures in the message. If there was no need in downloading pictures or the recipient decided to avoid the download, he wouldn’t be added to the statistic, and the opening rate would not include him.

Sealero transforms the whole message – including text, pictures and links in any format – into an HTML coded picture, without disabling the links. In order to read any part of the message the recipient must download the pictures, thus added to the count and to the opening rate.

Sealero can also display a personalized picture that is matched to each specific recipient according to a personal code or login. Another benefit of Sealero is that the message design, colors and font don’t change from one browser to another or from one service provider to another.

Sealero can be connected to numerous kinds of databases, including CRMs. Its integration and reporting abilities makes it a professional tool for people and organizations of all kinds.

Examples of uses...